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You will show the proper respect at all times, during our conversations you will address me as Mistress, Goddess or Miss, my preference in Mistress as I will be your secret woman in the shadows.

I demand respect, loyalty, obedience and willingness to serve me. You will pay to keep me living in the standard befitting a Mistress of my stature and you will constantly strive to become my top paypiggie. You need me and I want your money.

You have finally found a purpose, your whole life has been leading up to this point … You need to serve me.  I will keep you in line and you will become my human ATM. I am very busy and so I do not waste my time on pathetic losers who can't pay their dues.

Buy me a gift from my Amazon Wishlist or send me an Amazon Gift Card to prove your worth then get in touch. A life of financial servitude awaits and my piggies get to enjoy tasks, humiliation and of course my time. What are you waiting for?

That is only natural when contemplating contacting a Pro Domme. To start with you can send me anonymous gifts in the form of my desires from my Amazon Wishlist or cash through Amazon Gift Cards, you can even send me tributes in Bitcoin. As your confidence grows and I get into your head you will crave a more intimate relationship with me and at that point you can get in touch and become one of my minions.

Controlling submissive men and women turns me on, receiving their hard earned cash turns me on and having them beg to send me more really turns me on.

My biggest fantasy is to receive a large amount of cash through the post and to spread it all over my bed before laying on top of it all and bringing myself off whilst surrounded by all of your cash. Who will cater for this particular fantasy of mine? I don't know, but it would be very much worth their while to do so....

Yes. Your secret is safe with me unless we have a consensual blackmail contract agreement. I make exceptions and allowances for married subs who need to preserve their secret Mistress from their spouses as well, they obviously need to be managed differently from a single man or woman.

I do not promote my subs and slaves except an occasional mention. But only their service name is used such as Slave F or Sub K, not their real names.

Those miscreants exposed on my name and shame page are there because we have agreed to publish their images etc through a consensual blackmail contract and that is part of the fantasy for them.

I only offer consensual Blackmail services for obvious reasons, if you haven't signed a consensual Blackmail contract with me then you have nothing to worry about.

I do not publish details of my submissive's if this is not agreed beforehand and would only do so on a case by case basis for Consensual Blackmail arrangements.

I am not here to rinse and destroy you, I perform a very good service and take care not to allow spouses or families to suffer because of a submissive's actions.

I do not threaten or abuse, I don't need to, a good sub wants to please their mistress.

The only piece of information about you that I receive is your e-mail address. I will use that to send you a message to say that I have received your tribute unless you specify you don't want any contact when you purchase the gift card.

If you don't want any contact from me just state "Anonymous" in the message box.

You can send me up to £1000 with each gift card. Paypiggies that send these rare cards are promoted to Grandpaypiggy and that has its advantages.

The minimum that can be sent is £1 but honestly, what sort of impression would that give to me if that is all that you are prepared to send to your Mistress?

You can never remake a first impression.....

Yes you can, send tributes to - 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn

You can scan this QR code to quickly send Bitcoin.

 My bitcoin address

Loyal paypiggies that have been in my service and shown respect and loyalty do have that privilege however new and untested paypiggies only have the option of sending me Bitcoin payments or Amazon Gift Cards.

You could always buy me something from my Amazon Wishlist to really get my attention.

Loyal Pay Piggies can send me as much as they can afford. I prefer my tributes to be in Pounds Sterling (GBP) but will accept Euro and USD as well.


You can always be of use to Mistress no matter what your financial state. For those vistors that don't have much to offer, you can to devote some of their computers power to help Mistress mine cryptocurrency as a way of making a tribute.

You can find out more about serving your Mistress in this way on my Cryptocurrency Mining Page.

Yes using TeamViewer I can sit back and see what my dirty little paypiggies are doing on their computers. Just imagine knowing that your Mistress is watching you closely as you surf the web or carry out some mundane task.

I offer lots of different levels of TeamViewer sessions, check this page to see what each entails - TeamViewer Sessions

It can be downloaded and installed from the developers website here - DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWER

Download it, install it, tribute me and then get in touch for the ride of your life.

Note: Only install it from the developers website.

If you have never had a full blown "I've got no control and she is destroying my things" session then I suggest you opt for one of the basic levels of TeamViewer session where I get into your computer in front of your eyes, show you what I can do whilst taunting you before making only minor changes to your PC.

In other words a pretty vanilla session, but I may be tempted to spice up your desktop image.

See information on my TeamViewer sessions here - TEAMVIEWER SESSIONS

Once you have sent your tribute and I have received it then we can set up a session. It is best to send your tribute early as sometimes there can be a delay in them arriving and I will not start a session with anyone without a cleared tribute.

Contact me to ascertain my availability as whilst I am sometimes available at short notice this is only in exceptional circumstances.



Useful Sites

Bitcoin Accepted

Send me your Bitcoin

Send tributes to: 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn


You can worship me in many ways. All of them will require you to put your hands in your pocket to try to impress me.

Send Me An Amazon Gift Card

If I have told you to tribute me or you want to send an anonymous gift then send me an Amazon Gift Card. Click the link below to purchase one, send it to .

Send Gift Card

Buy Me A Gift From My Wishlist

Make a more personal tribute to your Mistress by buying me a gift from my wishlist. If you want to be noticed this could do the trick.

View My Wishlist

Send Me Some Bitcoin

I can understand why you'd want to keep your payments a secret from everyone so why not send me some Bitcoin little piggy. You wouldn't want your partner finding payments to me in your bank or credit card statement and so Bitcoin payments are a good option for loyal subs. Send Bitcoin tributes to - 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn

View More Details

Mine Some CryptoCurrency

Good little PayPiggies and FinSubs support their Mistress in any way that they can. One way to get noticed is to use an open tab on your browser to mine Cryptocurrency for your Mistress.

View More Details


Sponsor My Bills

If you really want to impress your Mistress consider adopting one of my monthly bills to keep me in the lifestyle befitting a Mistress. I need my household bills together with my luxury bills like, hair, nails, shoes, clothes and pamper sessions, you can even pay for or contribute to my next luxury holiday.

What others are saying

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Thank you for my latest punishment Mistress, it both taxed and pushed me to my limits. - Slave P
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I am very naughty as I get very wet whilst waiting for my next punishment and tasking Mistress. - Slave O
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I enjoy it when you TeamView me and I watch as you gather incriminating evidence to use against me Mistress. - Slave B