Mistress Jo

Expect to be abused for my pleasure

Mistress JoIf you are here and reading this then you are probably a subbie who needs to be brought under control of an intelligent FinDomme who knows exactly what the likes of you both needs and craves.

I know how your mind works and I know that worshiping me will make you happy because I deserve to be looked up to by worthless little losers who crave the attentions of a dominant woman.

There are lots of ways that I can cater for your perverted little cravings whilst you worship me. You will be expected to be loyal, submissive and above all keep the funds flowing as you will be expected to give me your hard earned money. You will give me your total attention and your financial devotion in order to be worthy of my attention in return.

Spending your money gets me off, after all what are you going to do with it anyway. It is much better in my deserving hands.

If the thought of being taken on the ultimate ride turns you on then tribute me and get in touch - it's going to be a very rough ride for you. For me it is going to be fun as I enjoy your hard earned money and degrade you for not giving me more.

What do you get for all of this sacrifice? You get noticed by me and you get my attention. I like to interact with my paypiggies and financial slaves, their predicament and payments really gets my juices flowing and that's how I get off.

Distance Servitude Options

Here are some of the ways in which you can show your admiration and devotion to me (they are listed in order of risk to you):

CryptoCurrency Mining - Looking for a free way to support your Mistress? Well those finsubs who are dedicated but can't afford a true FinDomme can still support me by using a tab on your browser to mine cryptocurrency for Mistress Jo.

Forced Chastity - Does the thought of having your pathetic cock and balls locked away terrify you or do you long for the feeling of being restrained? I will enjoy your torment.

Sex Taxes - I know the perverted things you do and you will be taxed on them.

One Off Gifts - For those too scared to enter into direct submission to me.

Adopt A Bill - I cannot be bothered with my bills they are for my subs to take care of so get spending.

Human ATM - I love my little ATM's, always available in the shadows serving me by letting me withdraw my funds.

Financial Slavery - My money slaves live to keep me in the standards of luxury befitting of a FinDomme.

TeamViewer Sessions - Watch as I control your computer remotely and discover your darkest secrets without being able to do anything about it. It's like being hacked right in front of your eyes.

Blackmail- I will learn all of your darkest secrets and be in a position to out you and destroy you whilst humiliating and punishing you to keep you inline.

Rules Of Servitude

Prior to getting in touch you MUST read and comprehend these rules. I have made them very easy to understand. Once you are happy with what is required of you in my service then you can send an initial tribute to me of £25 by means on an Amazon UK Giftcard to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I won't even read your application if no tribute is forthcoming, why would I waste my time on someone who isn't serious?

Let me go over that again one more time. No Tribute = No Chat

You need me, not the other way round. I am a successful business woman and I am successful because I am good at what I do.

All contact form messages will be treated in the same manner as e-mails.

So what will I expect from you:

  1. During our conversations you will address me as Mistress, Goddess or Miss, my preference in Mistress as I will be your secret woman in the shadows.
  2. You are here on the website of a FinDomme, I want your money and you want to give it to me. You have to be able to afford your weekly tribute to me, I don't care if it is £1000 or just £15 you must be able to pay to play - no exceptions, if you are a fantasiser or broke loser then take your sorry ass elsewhere I only devote my time to the worthy.
  3. You will be loyal to me when in my service, so no pimping yourself out to other mistresses, I don't share my minions with anyone.
  4. You will show the proper respect to me at all times.
  5. Don't be a whiny bitch, no-one likes a whinger. I have no time for a demanding primadonna, you are here to serve me and not the other way round.
  6. You must pay your tributes on time via any method except PayPal. Just keep the money coming even if you want to send it anonymously.
  7. You will be expected to comply with all demands I make of you both promptly and to the best of your abilities.
  8. Honesty is a very important characteristic for me. You cannot get away with lying and if I catch you doing so I will caste you aside as if you were trash.
  9. You will be expected to sacrifice for me, you will have to tighten your belt in order to treat me to gifts and cash.
  10. Your place in on your knees before your mistress.
  11. Finally you are expendable, I do not need you and there will always be someone else to step in to take your place should I throw you aside.



Useful Sites

Bitcoin Accepted

Send me your Bitcoin

Send tributes to: 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn


You can worship me in many ways. All of them will require you to put your hands in your pocket to try to impress me.

Send Me An Amazon Gift Card

If I have told you to tribute me or you want to send an anonymous gift then send me an Amazon Gift Card. Click the link below to purchase one, send it to .

Send Gift Card

Buy Me A Gift From My Wishlist

Make a more personal tribute to your Mistress by buying me a gift from my wishlist. If you want to be noticed this could do the trick.

View My Wishlist

Send Me Some Bitcoin

I can understand why you'd want to keep your payments a secret from everyone so why not send me some Bitcoin little piggy. You wouldn't want your partner finding payments to me in your bank or credit card statement and so Bitcoin payments are a good option for loyal subs. Send Bitcoin tributes to - 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn

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Mine Some CryptoCurrency

Good little PayPiggies and FinSubs support their Mistress in any way that they can. One way to get noticed is to use an open tab on your browser to mine Cryptocurrency for your Mistress.

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Sponsor My Bills

If you really want to impress your Mistress consider adopting one of my monthly bills to keep me in the lifestyle befitting a Mistress. I need my household bills together with my luxury bills like, hair, nails, shoes, clothes and pamper sessions, you can even pay for or contribute to my next luxury holiday.

What others are saying

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Thank you for my latest punishment Mistress, it both taxed and pushed me to my limits. - Slave P
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I am very naughty as I get very wet whilst waiting for my next punishment and tasking Mistress. - Slave O
New item
I enjoy it when you TeamView me and I watch as you gather incriminating evidence to use against me Mistress. - Slave B