TechDomme CertifiedI can use TeamViewer for a number of different tasks and ways of controlling you and your PC. It can be used to humiliate you, make you do tasks and for me to supervise what you're doing. I can get deeper inside your computer creating my own profile on it and removing your administrator rights, I can also enforce strict controls on your online behaviour from restricting the sites you can visit to the hours in which you can get online.

Teamviewer is also the perfect tool to gather information about you which can be used against you in a blackmail scenario for anyone who enjoys this particular fetish. I can use that information to gain further control of you both financially and physically by making you do tasks that you otherwise would never attempt to do, all whilst humiliating you on your stupidity for letting me inside your PC.

The levels below stipulate what I offer for one off sessions or for anyone wanting to just be under my control for regular TeamViewer sessions as a method of long distance control.

TeamViewer Sessions

For stand alone sessions I will tailor them to your specific needs and limits but you can be expect your limits to be pushed over time.

PAYMENT FOR TEAMVIEWER SESSIONS WILL BE IN FULL AND IN ADVANCE. I will not enter into lengthy correspondence with you about a session until you have paid for one, I will not waste my time with anyone who isn't serious.

Big Brother Session - £30 for 30 minutes

In this type of session I will just connect to your computer and watch what you are doing, it is often selected by anyone new to TeamViewer sessions and will have no form of interaction with me I will simply observe you and what you are doing or watching. You get the thrill of knowing that a powerful dominant woman is watching your every action and probably storing evidence that she could use against you at a later date. Be careful what you let me see.

It was a huge turn on for me to know that Mistress Jo was following my every move, the hairs on the back on my neck stood up as I was browsing my favourite porn sites knowing that I shouldn't be doing what I was doing and knowing that Mistress Jo was there to witness my depravity.

Don, USA

Safe Session - £50 for 30 minutes - available as a one off session

You will keep control of your computer with this style of session. You will get aroused as you see me viewing your files, browsing history, pictures, videos and maybe your webcam so I can direct you efficiently and confirm that you are complying with my commands. I will chat with you via notepad and I may share some of my files with you but I will not remove anything from your computer unless you are on your knees begging me to. I will only flex my muscles through teamviewer by disabling your mouse and keyboard or black screening you again if you beg me to. You had better conduct the session somewhere private as you will be expected to strip and carry out sexually orientated tasks for me.

I am drawn back to you after last weeks session, it blew more than just my mind. I can't stop thinking about you and the things that you made me do. It was incredibly exciting for me to see you looking through my computer whilst controlling me completely and I have to do it again Mistress.

Steve, UK

I can honestly say that was fantastic. I never knew that having a powerful Domme browsing my files and taking control of both me and my computer could be such a turn on. When you allowed me to blow my load my legs almost gave way. Thank you, I will be back again soon.

Paul, UK

Fiery Session - £100 for 30 minutes with further sessions available

Do you want to feel the fear of losing control but in a relatively safe manner? I will do all of the above but going further, much further in fact. I will firstly lock your keyboard and mouse leaving you to watch as I remove your administrator privileges and setting myself up as the administrator of your computer. I will have my own account on it and you will lose control of it, you will simply be a guest on my new computer.

However I will send you the administrator password for an additional fee of £50 so that should you chicken out you can still dig yourself out of the hole that you are quickly sliding into. If you want out then at this stage you can with a bit of work escape from my clutches.

This is the level that we will work within for future sessions so that I can ensure that you are conducting the tasks you will be given.

Total Domination -  £150 for a session lasting long enough for me to totally stitch you up and have you trembling in fear, future sessions will then be available

This is for anyone brave enough to give me free reign to control them and potentially ruin them. I will do everything stipulated above but I will also change your TeamViewer settings to lock you out of it and give me access to your computer at anytime - maybe I will just check in on you to snoop and gather evidence of what you are doing from time to time. The only way out of this predicament is for you to format your computer to regain control (your problem not mine) or you can pay me £200 to undo the damage.

You and your computer will be mine, I will have the ability to snoop on all of your actions with the ability to install keyloggers and drastically curtail your online activities. All of your information will be at my disposal and you will fear me, maybe I will have a tantrum and just randomly delete your e-mails, files or contacts. You can then opt to cross the last line and enter into a consensual black mail contract for the ultimate ride. Yes a contract, I am not stupid. Maybe I will force you to shop for me and you will feel the rush of spending your funds on me.

I can vouch for the lovely Mistress Jo, who has a very firm grip on my computer. Actually it's become Her computer now really. Teamviewer in itself is just a tool to connect. It's what happens during that connection that counts :)


How To Book A Session

You will be required to e-mail me to inform me of the type of session that you are interested in making your limits clear and I will require upto 48 hours notice of a session but spur of the moment sessions may be available.

I suggest that everyone starts with a Big Brother or Safe Session before moving on to harder sessions. You can expect to be dominated by the use of notepad initially but in further sessions I may treat you to a phone call so that you can hear your mistresses's sultry voice.

To book a session use my contact form initially and tell me your name, what type of session you want and what your limits are.



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Thank you for my latest punishment Mistress, it both taxed and pushed me to my limits. - Slave P
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I am very naughty as I get very wet whilst waiting for my next punishment and tasking Mistress. - Slave O
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I enjoy it when you TeamView me and I watch as you gather incriminating evidence to use against me Mistress. - Slave B