Mistress Jo

Expect to be abused for my pleasure

If you're ready to drop to your knees ready to serve me or if I've told you to tribute me then I've made it as easy as I can for you to empty your wallet at my feet.

I only entertain serious subs and paypigs who know their place - you are my cash cow so get your wallet out and pay your tribute!

Send Me An Amazon Gift Card

If I have told you to tribute me or you want to send an anonymous gift then send me an Amazon Gift Card. Click the link below to purchase one, send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Buy Me A Gift From My Wishlist

Make a more personal tribute to your Mistress by buying me a gift from my wishlist. If you want to be noticed this could do the trick.


Send Me A Tribute Through Circle

Feel free to send tributes through Circle a great peer to peer money sending system, you can send cash or Bitcoin through this service. Send funds to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Send me some Bitcoin

Send me some BitcoinI can understand why you'd want to keep your payments a secret from everyone so why not send me some Bitcoin little piggy. You wouldn't want your partner finding payments to me in your bank or credit card statement and so Bitcoin payments are a good option for loyal subs.

Send Bitcoin tributes to - 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn

Or scan the QR code to send Bitcoin payments to me quickly.

Want To Really Impress Me?

If you really want to impress your Mistress consider adopting one of my monthly bills to keep me in the lifestyle befitting a Mistress. I need my household bills paying together with my luxury bills like, hair, nails, shoes, clothes and pamper sessions, you can even pay for or contribute to my next luxury holiday.

Sponsor My Bills

Some Of My Latest Gifts

I have just started to show the gifts that I have received on here so check them out.

Send Mistress A Gift Through The Post

Regular devoted submissives will be able to send their Mistress cash and goods through the post. However you need to prove your worth before I even consider allowing you that privilege.

See Mistress's Latest Gifts



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Bitcoin Accepted

Send me your Bitcoin

Send tributes to: 13wXGFARGiktQX83Tomn7geMeXnSgd3PYn

What others are saying

New item
Thank you for my latest punishment Mistress, it both taxed and pushed me to my limits. - Slave P
New item
I am very naughty as I get very wet whilst waiting for my next punishment and tasking Mistress. - Slave O
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I enjoy it when you TeamView me and I watch as you gather incriminating evidence to use against me Mistress. - Slave B